On 6 October, with the attention of major global media outlets, Chery officially launched its 4.0-era Q-Power architecture at the Qatar GIMS and unveiled two new PHEV models: the Tiggo 8 Plug-in Hybrid and the Tiggo 7 Plug-in Hybrid.

During the press conference, Simon Liu, Vice GM of Chery Middle East, said: “Chery made its debut in the Middle East market in 2001, distinguishing itself as the first Chinese automaker to export complete vehicles, CKD components, engines, as well as manufacturing technology and equipment abroad. Earning recognition and admiration, Chery has garnered a passionate user base in over 80 countries and regions, boasting more than 12 million global users.”

Elaine Li, Chery’s Brand Director, said: “As a leading figure among Chinese brands, Chery centres its brand values around ‘Technology, Green, Family, and Companionship.’ For years, Chery has honed in on real-world vehicle use scenarios, crafting products that not only satisfy users but also promote sharing. The Q-Power is a testament to Chery’s 26-year evolution in powertrain technology, embracing diverse power modalities like gasoline, hybrid, pure electric, and hydrogen.”

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All of Chery’s innovations revolve around the genuine needs of its users, aiming to fulfil their core requirements. The newly introduced Q-Power architecture exemplifies this commitment. Representing Chery’s latest technological advancement, the PHEV hybrid system under the Q-Power umbrella features a 1.5T engine combined with a dual-motor, three-engine power setup.

Chery stands out in the automotive industry as the sole enterprise capable of driving and generating electricity concurrently using two motors. Its vehicle boasts an impressive 95-kilometre range in pure electric mode, with a comprehensive range of 950 kilometres in hybrid mode. The fuel efficiency is noteworthy at just 1.55L per 100 kilometres, and a full charge can be achieved in a mere 3 - 5 hours.

Empowered by the QPower technology platform, the Tiggo 8 Pro Plug-in Hybrid and the Tiggo 7 Pro Plug-in Hybrid models offer high performance and energy efficiency, featuring a leading three-engine efficient power combination. They also come with a unique and independently developed 3-speed DHT, as well as various technology intelligent cabins such as a 24.6-inch super-large intelligent curved dual screen, Sony’s 8-speaker custom luxury audio system, and an L2.5-level intelligent driving assistance system, making them highly competitive in the plug-in hybrid market.

Votre source d'Actualités du Maroc et du Monde - Actualité Maroc magazine - Magazine International de l'Innovation

Leading with technology and practising innovation, Chery Group achieved cumulative car sales of 1,253,237 vehicles from January to September 2023, marking a year-on-year growth of 40.2%. The cumulative sales in the first three quarters have already exceeded the total sales for the entire year of 2022.

About Chery:

From its inception, Chery Automotive has prioritised technology and quality. Today, it proudly operates a state-of-the-art intelligent manufacturing ‘Super Factory,’ encompassing pressing, welding, painting, assembly, modular, engine, gearbox workshops, and essential support structures. By embracing smart production, intelligent quality control, digital management, and transparent operations, Chery is rapidly transitioning from traditional to smart cars.

Chery is committed to enhancing the user experience by infusing its products with intelligent technology, surpassing smart connectivity and adopting an Internet-centric mindset. Chery is pioneering a new ecosystem for intelligent mobility, setting fresh benchmarks for the global industry, and thanks to ongoing advancements in vehicle manufacturing technology and a rigorous quality system, Chery’s sales have shown consistent growth. In 2022, the company sold 1,230,000 vehicles, securing the second-highest growth rate in the industry.

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Chery’s sales of new energy vehicles surged to 230,000 units, marking a year-on-year growth of 113%. Its overseas exports climbed to 450,000 units, reflecting a 68% increase from the previous year, and for the first time, annual revenue surpassed CNY 200 billion, setting a new record for Chery’s performance since its inception.

As the global trend towards new energy vehicles gains momentum, Chery is proactively evolving, consistently pushing boundaries in product technology, industrial chain collaboration, and product solutions, inluding the introduction of the Q-Power architecture.

Since its establishment, Chery has implemented a globalization strategy and has always adhered to technology-driven development, with the corporate vision of building an auto brand with international competitiveness and influence.

Relying on the continuous pursuit of technological innovation, Chery has become the first Chinese passenger car company to export complete vehicles, CKD parts, engines, manufacturing technology and equipment to the global market.

Through the implementation of product strategy, localization strategy and talent strategy, Chery focuses on developing domestic and international markets, continuously deepens globalization, and focuses on the brand core of green, technology, family and companionship.

After 26 years of development, Chery’s sales and service network covers more than 80 countries and regions, and has more than 12 million users worldwide.

At the same time, Chery has carried out a variety of social contribution activities in the global market, involving green development, environmental protection, social welfare, personnel training and other fields, hoping to contribute to society through continuous efforts and provide better products for global consumers and service.

Votre source d'Actualités du Maroc et du Monde - Actualité Maroc magazine - Magazine International de l'Innovation

About the Qatar GIMS:

The 2023 Qatar GIMS will be held from October 5th to 14th at the Qatar Doha Exhibition and Convention Center. As one of the world’s top five auto shows, the Geneva Motor Show is the only large-scale auto show held in Europe annually.

This year’s GIMS is the first to be held outside of Switzerland, and visitors will have the opportunity to witness a series of groundbreaking new cars and innovative technologies presented by 31 world-renowned automotive brands. It stands as a premier automotive exhibition for the Middle East and other regions.

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