Accueil International News Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, Launched in Egypt, Middle East

Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, Launched in Egypt, Middle East

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Corteva Agriscience™, the Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, officially launched as a new brand to growers, customers and partners in the Egypt Middle East (EME) market. The launch lays the foundation for the spinoff of the company on June 3, 2019, when Corteva Agriscience is listed on the NYSE as a standalone pure agriculture company. The new company will bring the right mix of seeds, crop protection and digital solutions to help farmers maximize yields and improve profitability in the market.

“Corteva Agriscience is the only pure agriculture company offering seed, crop protection and digital services,” said Prabdeep Bajwa, President of Corteva Agriscience, Africa Middle East. “Now that agriculture is all we do, we are investing more in innovation, drawing on our knowledge and experience to empower farmers to help them maximise every hectare, increase yields and income.»
The heritage companies of Corteva Agriscience have a 45-year history in Egypt and Middle East. Corteva Agriscience brands, such as the Pioneer® brand and award-winning crop protection brands such as Pallas™ 45 OD, Broadway™ Star, and Granite® herbicides, as well as Closer® 240 SC with Isoclast™ active, Transform® 500 WG with Isoclast™ active and Uphold® 360 SC insecticides have served farmers in Egypt and the Middle East.
Cairo, Egypt is Corteva Agriscience’ s business centre for customers, collaborators and consumers in its main commercial markets of Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, United Arb Emirates, Yemen, Kuwait and Jordan, bringing farmers the right mix of seeds and crop protection. The Egypt Middle East commercial area serves cereals (rice, wheat, corn), fruit (dates, citrus, grapes, stone fruit) and vegetables (tomato, potato, leafy, cucumber, onion).
The commercial area is led by Yasser El Farnawani, supported by local talent and experts who are knowledgeable about the region’s food security needs and farmer demand. “Our dealers, collaborators, sales representatives and employees live and work in communities across Egypt and the Middle East. Many of them live in rural areas where they support the local, agriculturally based economies that fuel Egypt’s economy,” said El Farnawani.
Corteva Agriscience’s pipeline consists of new crop protection products for wheat, rice, and vegetables. These include Spinetoram, Isoclast™ active, Arylex™ active, Rinskor™ active, Inatreq™ active, and Zorvec™ technology, which are among some of the game-changing products to be launched through the next five years. The crop protection products are developed to reduce risks and increase farmer control over pests, weeds, and diseases while being environmentally-conscious.
Agriculture is a vital sector in the Egyptian economy, as it accounts for 40% of employment and 14% of GDP. The Nile Valley and Delta are the country’s two most agriculturally productive areas, which cover an estimated 6 million acres when combined. Grains (rice, wheat, and maize), tomato, potato, citrus and grapes are the most prolific crops. The domestic production of wheat in the country was about 8.3 million tons in 2015, against a demand of 19.6 million tons. In the same period, the country produced 6.1 million tons of corn, against a demand of 10.9 million tons. Most imported grain is sourced from the United States. Augmenting agricultural productivity in the region could significantly reduce Egyptian dependence on imported grains.
In February 2019, Egypt exported more than 20 food products and crops worth $408 million, according to the General Organization for Export and Import Control. As part of the sustainable Agricultural Development Strategy towards 2039, the Egyptian government turned special attention to agricultural development, offering financial incentives and constant encouragement so that future development would rely on an agricultural sector capable of meeting the needs of the country’s growing population.
“The future in farming lies in increasing yields and we have a track record of boosting agricultural production exponentially over 90 years. We will help Egypt ensure that its agriculture sector delivers nutritious food to the region’s population, promoting their health, happiness, and ability to contribute to the economy and society,” said Bajwa

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