Italian Exhibition Group has certified the Rimini and Vicenza expo centres and the organization of Ecomondo and, at the beginning of 2023, the procedure will also regard Rimini’s Palacongressi conference centre. The prestigious acknowledgment was obtained thanks to the consultation of the Hera Group

Increasingly sustainable expo events for Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) who, among the sector’s first companies at European level, has added ISO 20121 certification to its long series of records in the environmental safety, health protection and sustainability fields.

IEG, one of the sector’s major players, has obtained certification for its Rimini and Vicenza expo centres and the organization of Ecomondo, for 25 years the European expo for the circular economy, and at the beginning of 2023 the procedure will also regard Rimini’s Palacongressi Conference centre, a process that will result in it being one of the first and most important players to certify all its facilities. A process of environmental sustainability that began a long time ago, on the inauguration day of the new Expo Centre in 2001. Starting with the prestigious Elca international Building with Green acknowledgement in Nuremberg, IEG then achieved ISO 14001 Environment certification, ISO 450001 occupational health and safety and GBAC Star accreditation from the Global Biorisk Advisory Council.

The consultation of the Hera Group for strategic certification, unique in Europe

IEG’s choice to aim at obtaining this coveted sustainability certification assumes an extremely high strategic value, finalized at qualifying itself increasingly as a mature subject committed to transition towards the circular economy. In fact, ISO 20121 certifies activity planned and carried out in respect of economic, social and environmental aspects: observing it means assuming a long-term balanced approach to carrying out business activity, environmental responsibility and generating social progress, to meet the necessities of the present day and favour corporate development, qualifying it.

For the complex certification process, IEG decided to take advantage of the consultation and expertise of the Hera Group, one of Italy’s major multi-utilities managing environmental, water and energy services for approximately 5 million Italians and which has always put sustainability and circular economy at the heart of its strategy.

During the certification process, begun in March 2022 and particularly complex for a company structured like IEG, the Hera Group provided its support on the various documentary, management, organization and operational aspects, to complete the process necessary for obtaining ISO 20121 under the profile of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

In particular, a dedicated team from the multiutility was committed to a busy calendar of activities: from on-site inspections at the venues involved to meetings with the various corporate areas and with suppliers, from Bureau Veritas audits to the phases of analysis of the documents and assessment from the point of view of sustainability, through to the revision and processing of new procedures, planning of the potential development of activities and processes from a circular point of view.